Areas of expertise

Our company is customer demand orientated and almost 100% of our activities are determined by consumer demand around the various International Markets in which we operate. International Customers come to us with specific requests and we research the entire International market place to find the best deal for them at the right price.

In our trading history we have helped clients by:

» Facilitating the Importing of Heavy Duty Mining Equipment.
» Facilitating the Importing of Plant & Machinery
» Facilitating the Financing of Mineral & Oil Exploration in Developing Countries
» Facilitating the Exporting of Raw Materials & Essential Commodities.
» Facilitating the Financing of Small, Medium and Large Scale Manufacturing Projects.
» Facilitating the Marketing & Branding of various Developing Countries Tourism Initiatives.
» Facilitating the Export of Goods & Services from Developed or Emerging economies to Developing Countries.
» Facilitating the Patenting & Registration of Intellectual Property.
» Facilitating the Financing & Acquisition of New Information Technology.

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